Shiqi YANG

PhD candidate (first-year) in Learning and Machine Perception (LAMP) team, supervised by Dr. Joost van de Weijer and Dr. Luis Herranz, affiliated with Computer Vision Center in Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

# ZeroShotLearning # DomainAdaptation


  • [Jul. 2019] I accept the open position (PhD) in Computer Vision Center (CVC), Autonomous University of Barcelona, which is under supervision of Dr. Joost van de Weijer and will start in this fall.
  • [Jun. 2019] Graduate with M.S. from School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China.
  • [Feb. 2019] I will be a research intern in OMRON SINIC X (Tokyo) after my graduation.
  • [Oct. 2018] Start working as a research associate in Kyoto University during the next five months, on the topic of AI for art, working with Prof. Liang Zhao and Prof. Xuefeng Liang.
  • [Sep. 2018] "Parallel Convolutional Networks for Image Recognition via a Discriminator" is accepted by ACCV 2018.