Shiqi YANG

PhD candidate (second-year) in Learning and Machine Perception (LAMP) team, supervised by Dr. Joost van de Weijer, affiliated with Computer Vision Center UAB. Currently on (source-free) domain adaptation.




  • Unsupervised Domain Adaptation without Source Data by Casting a BAIT

Shiqi Yang, Yaxing Wang, Joost van de Weijer, Luis Herranz, Shangling Jui

[arxiv] [code]


  • On Implicit Attribute Localization for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning

Shiqi Yang, Kai Wang, Luis Herranz, Joost van de Weijer

IEEE Signal Processing Letters [paper] [arXiv]

International Conference

  • Parallel Convolutional Networks for Image Recognition via a Discriminator

Shiqi Yang, Gang Peng

Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV) 2018 [paper] [arXiv]

  • Attention to Refine Through Multi Scales for Semantic Segmentation

Shiqi Yang, Gang Peng

Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM) 2018 [paper] [arXiv]


  • Sep. 2019 ~ 2023 (expected), Ph.D. in Computer Vision Center (affiliated with Autonomous University of Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain.

  • Sep. 2016 ~ Jun. 2019, M.S. in Control Science and Engineering, School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation (original School of Automation), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.

  • Sep. 2012 ~ Jun. 2016, B.S. in Automation, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.

Research Experience

  • Oct. 2018~ Mar. 2019, Guest Research Associate in Kyoto University, Japan.

Academic Service

Conference Reviewer: WACV 2021, 2022